Even as a child, I preferred spending my time outside. My fascination with nature, adventure and travelling as well as my love of photography is extremely important to me.

A colorful sunrise in the mountains, bizarre coastal cliffs, picturesque waterfalls, magnificent lighting, dramatic cloud formations, the colors of a landscape with all of its different shapes and structures, a quiet sunset … – to experience an endless amount of, but always wonderful moments and to hold on to them in the form of a picture, that’s what appeals to me, what is important to me and what I can no longer live without!

Photography has become my passion! I love being outside and to enjoy nature with all of my senses, to capture the beauty of a moment, a special atmosphere, or extraordinary moments. And I feel the need to show, how important and how beautiful nature is for all of us!

Since September of 2011, I have been a full member of VTNÖ (Association of Nature Photography Austria) and since November of 2013, I have also been active on the board (vice president, secretary).